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We have over 25 years of combined data and medical experience to help you understand provider data. Our work provides the differentiating insights you need.

Completely free up2date physician database, designed to work with Excel!

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We provide data quickly, and frankly at great prices; that's why our customers love us. However, we also know that some of you want to handle the work yourselves. That's why we've created a library of video support for you information needs. If your problem or question isn't answered in here, then give us a shout. We're always happy to help where we can.

Search and Extract Data

Automate EMR 

Referral and Leakage

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Do you have a specific or customized physician information requirement? Call us. We'd be happy to discuss your needs. Our prices start at $500.    

Just in case you're thinking, "Why do I need MDNetX?" 

The raw data is ... well, big and messy. While it is definitely true that you can obtain data yourself and perform these analyses, why bother? We’ve done it for you! Besides, you would need to sift through millions of data-points to find what's relevant. It’s a lot of work, and we know what matters to you. Thoughtful analyses that provide actionable leads, done correctly and quickly.  

Job done! 


We are physicians as well as healthcare data geeks.

We have over 25 years of combined data / medical experience with the clinical expertise to help you understand the data. Our work provides the differentiating insights from practicing doctors who understand what you need to excel.

image of bar graph of insured patients
Data list of provider NPI, city, specialty, RVU, performance, and contact information

>  Vendors in need of accurate marketing leads? Get marketing solutions for suppliers, recruiters, advertisers, educators, and more.

>  Searchable, and interactive data sets for immediate use on your
mobile devices.

>  Competitive intelligence of almost 800,000 physicians.

>  Cross referenced ‘smart lists’ so you can reach decision-makers.
Build reports based on name, title, size, address, and so much more.


Need a massive database of healthcare providers that you can generate targeted lists from?
No worries. Not only by location, specialty, and so much more, but also so that you can compare these organizations. 

Pharmaceutical or medical device sales reps looking for practices with certain patient populations?
We have developed a unique algorithm called RxDx which gives greater insight into a provider’s patient population.

Need to boost referrals?
We can generate strategic lists of referrers with relevant location information and practice volume.

Looking for physicians?
Target high RVU physicians with highly insured patients.

Need to find patients for your weight loss clinic, back pain clinic, pain clinic, deep brain stimulator program, etc?
We can give you direct insight into which physicians are treating what disorders.

Have a great product and are having a tough time targeting the right medical people?
We can help you find key decision makers as well as physicians that are most in need of your product.

Have a medical device used by a cardiologist for angiograms?
We can show who is doing the most angios in a certain area.

Need to verify physician information?
We have tools and tested methods to help filter out the junk.

Need to find the biggest cardiologists groups in the country?
We can group physicians by practice, specialty, and even verify the data for the most current results.

What about practices?
We can also show what a practice is doing and what it isn't doing based on billing records.

Want to open a clinic?
We can give you insights in local markets with possible growth potential.

Need to find out what doctors are affiliated with what hospitals?
No problem, we can show which clinics and hospitals a doctor is currently referring to.

I am a doctor and want to know what is a fair RVU number for an oncologists in LA, CA.
No worries. Give us a shout.

Something else?
Love to hear about it; give us a call to discuss.


image of practice valuation
Provider score card and performance graph highlighting DM-11 Aspirin Use

>  Consultant? Create a “wow” factor for your clients. Drive interactive
discoveries amongst data sets. We can customize them to suit any
data you have to include information pulled right from websites.

>  See near real time comparative analyses in mobile, browser based,
highly visual inter-related graphics.

>  No integration – CSV or excel.

>  Quality data – structured and cleansed. 


Need to map doctor’s locations?
Need to quickly visualize a medical data set? 
Need to visualize high RVU and good payer mix data all on an intuitive map system?
Are you looking for graphic interfaces that integrates with your sales force and data sets?

We generate dashboards like these, with interfaces that are both easy to use and update. Interfaces that are designed to work in any modern browser, and on any device. Most importantly, they’re also built to be purpose fit to your goals. Don’t let the term ‘customized’ throw you. Check our prices. They don’t get any cheaper for a custom built interface designed with your needs front and center. Get actionable insight presented on easy to use, dynamic inter-related graphics. Mash data with a wide range of data sets. Conduct comparative analyses – you don’t need to be bound by your own limited, in-house data. Locations, maps? Of course.

This is a business intelligence solution that provides customers with the interactive charting and graphical interfaces needed to more effectively meet their business needs. Other large BI developers aren’t in the same ballpark. They look to offer integrated systems that target large budget health systems. Of note, these offerings predictably come with the stereotypical challenges of ‘must be an in-network requirement,’ data ownership, multiple warehouses and repositories, aggregation and reporting, training, and technical integration challenges. These platforms do not meet the needs of physicians and small practices looking to stave off encroaching health systems. This segment is looking for a singular version of truth that suits their needs - a simple, effective method to turn their data into actionable insight.


image of physician value risk assessment
Physician competitive insight data tool using cross verification process resulting in accurate list

>  Physician group? National provider? HIE? Or even another health IT
company looking to extend your platform? It just doesn’t matter.
Differentiate yourself. Set yourself apart from your competitors with
simple, highly effective customized data tools, from APIs to widgets.

>  We have a patent pending cross verification process. Utilizing
multiple data sources and cutting edge crowd sourcing technologies
we can rapidly verify doctor information for less than anyone else!


Are you a vendor?
We can preload a targeted campaign into a simple CRM built just for you. No fuss, no muss. We give you a URL, logins and you are ready to rock and roll. We give you an entire CRM preloaded with sales leads, all ready to use. Of course, we charge a (very) small monthly fee for this service , but we host-it for you for free!

Are you a practice manager or staffing agency?
Tired of hand cranking out monthly compensation figures? We’ll automate it for you. Even better, we’ll mash it up with other data such as costs, resources utilized, or other metrics. Gain clear insight into your ROI per RVU earned.

Are you a physician recruiter?
Wouldn’t you like to slap a cover sheet on those resumes that compares your candidates based on a composite RVU ranking? Even more so, with a report that compares the strength of their existing referral network, their RVU by procedure, time spent on non-specialty procedures, potential change (of RVU) while operating in new geographic location, and an aggregated score of top 3-5 online consumer reviews? We KNOW your client would like this information. Screen physicians based on value and risk criterion.



It’s the quality of our work ...

A recent client asked us for a statewide database of ob-gyns because another big data provider gave him a list of 800 doctors which was full of retired and inactive names. We generated an accurate, focused list of 350 active doctors based on our cross referenced databases. We filtered and cleaned this marketing list. We didn’t stuff it, we made it useable.

that starts with the quality of our data.

Our patent pending algorithms that match based on procedure and prescription codes.

Our unique Pulse provider score identifies key providers in an area utilizing multiple factors.

We use crowd sourcing and multiple search Apis to develop a complete provider picture. 

don’t be mislead

Most referral solutions miss the mark

They primarily focus on digitalizing paper processes, or facilitating communication between   in-house providers

Most ‘referral solutions’ are care coordination platforms extended to capture the administrative referral process

They are often bound by medical records, or other internal systems and internal data                      

They do not create a window into the external data environment                                                              

They do not provide comparative nor competitive insight into other organizations                               

how a practice loses revenue

Understand referral leakage in 4 steps 

See that little red dot encircled in the middle of all those tightly packed blue dots? That’s a practice – a real practice. The blue circle around it are a whole bunch of referrers sending it business. From the perspective of the practice, business looks pretty good. Actually, those (blue dot) organizations are only sending about 85% of their business to the practice. It gets worse ...

These blue dots are the rest of the referrers that send business to the practice. They are sending far less than 85% of the business to the practice. Cumulatively, the practice is losing about 50% of potential business through leakage. It still gets worse ...

Unfortunately, our practice doesn’t know any of this. All they know is what information they glean from their internal information systems. Even that information may be .... well, spotty. Yep, it still gets even worse.

Our practice is only one of many in the neighborhood. They don’t know what’s going on here, nor how they compare to others. Who should they be working with? Who are the high risk referrers? Who has what patient mix? How are they doing? Referral leakage, it’s not what you know. It’s what you don’t know.


No hidden fees.
No maintenance fees.
No cancellation fees.

You want something customized?
We’ll need a little information from you, then we’ll tell you the price up front.

Compare our prices to consulting agencies, big data, or BI providers.
Go ahead - we dare you.



contact me today
  • Simple spreadsheets to geocoded smart lists

  • Tailored to your specific requirements

  • Choose your format



contact me today
  • Customized solution

  • Online, browser based

  • Highly visual, inter-related graphics

  • Tailored to your specific requirements

  • Can be pre-populated with data



may include additional one time data charge

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  • Custom API

  • Custom tool

  • Can be pre-populated with data

  • Can be augmented with custom data interface

Not sure about a price? Use our chat widget, call, or email us.

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We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

No hard sell. Just Q&A. We promise.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for business inquiries.

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A little bit about OUR WORK

It’s what we do with the data that counts

So, everyone wants to know where we “get” our data. After all, it’s what makes us so good, right? Well, no that’s wrong. There is no ‘magical data set’. We use both private and public data. We use your data. We also collaborate with numerous sources that fuel our system with data from a wide variety of records and aggregators.

We consume lots of data. We sort it, filter it, cross reference it, dispense with the garbage, and then process the ‘technical residuum’ through some pretty advanced algorithms. We do so, because we are driven by the need to provide data that is accurate, relevant, and actionable. We also look for patterns and traits. We provide results, trends, behaviors, and models so you make immediate use of your new found knowledge.

It’s worth noting that the results of data analyses needs to be presented in a way that is sensible to you. We can help you with this, and look to have the data work seamlessly in your systems whether its inline, or through a widget, in a portal, on a webpage, or fully integrated in your platforms. 

Like we said, it’s not the data that makes us good. It’s what we do with the data that makes us good.                     



Ayis Pyrros, MD – Founder CMO

“Our Founder and visionary. With his first startup behind him, Ayis is pushing MDNetX deep into the business of healthcare. Proficient in far too many programming languages for an MD, Ayis is the rare trinity of technical skills, clinical skills, and business vision.” 


Sea Chen, MD, PhD – CoFounder CIO

“Lucky to acquire Sea, it appears there is no amount of data seemingly too complex for him. A master in data analysis, a veteran of startups, and many business competitions, we’re most impressed with his implementation of a Wireless EMR on Palm. Whew, that couldn’t have been easy.”

Business Operations

Rob Russell, EMBA – CoFounder

“Hot off the plate from Cara Health (a predictive linguistic analytics healthcare startup), Rob hails from a background of start-ups, business operations ($120M) and consulting. He spends his spare time helping out and teaching Entrepreneurship at Chicago’s Midtown Academy and IMSA.”